Pegasus Returns

Pegasus finally made it to the shop, but not until the Pegasus rescue vehicle saw a mechanic for its own difficulties, and I got back from a trip out of town.  Pegasus’s excellent mechanic restored his fender to its appropriate condition (a strut broke in two during my last, 50-mile ride), and adjusted his gears. Here’s Pete, of Hybrid Cycles, finishing the test ride after the adjustment (he only rode on the sidewalk for that last little bit.  Cool sidewalk, isn’t it?):

I’ve ridden a total of approximately 600 miles on Pegasus, so the gear adjustment didn’t come as  much of a surprise.

This ride was just a quick errand run. Here’s Pegasus, unloaded, afterward, with grocery paraphernalia still in his basket:

I put the high-vis triangles on the back when his fender was missing.  Pegasus looked a lot less obvious without his bright red fender.  I’m into the florescent green/yellow, so I’ve just left the triangles on the back.  If someone clobbers me, I want to know that there wasn’t any excuse not to see me and my trike.

Pegasus is running beautifully again, and I ‘m really happy to have the broken fender strut (and fender) replaced..  Pete mentioned that he thought that the Chinese still don’t get this “tempering thing” when it comes to metal.  I’m just hoping that the strut fatality was a one-off.

Pegasus:  91 degrees, but felt much hotter  7.15 miles


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