Monthly Mileage: July

Whoops, failed to post this in July.

In spite of various issues, July turned out to be a pretty good month for cycling.  I started riding on two wheels on trails, and did my longest ride ever on Pegasus:  51.30 miles.  Whoo-hoo!  That was a real milestone: a half-century.  A pedal-assist half-century, but a half-century, nonetheless.

(Even the manufacturer will tell you that, under ideal conditions — these weren’t — Pegasus’s battery can be expected to run for only 30 miles.  Suffice to say, those were my legs doing most of the work.)

In April, I figured that I’d be pleased if I’d managed to ride 500 miles by October.  But look where I am at the end of July . . .

I’m a happy camper.  Or cyclist.  Or whatever!

Pegasus Total, July 2012:  78.42 miles

Arianna (and other two-wheelers) Total, July 2012:  85.28 miles

Total for July:  163.70 miles

Total recorded mileage for season: 536.93


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