New Trail

I took Arianna on a new trail, this one along a river.  There was lots to see; everything from urban blight to scenic beauty, and lots in-between.

The invasive plant below (an ivy?) has taken over an entire hillside, creating either a bizarre-looking version of natural topiary, or a landscape that looks as if it’s been subsumed by green fungus.  However you describe it, the foliage beneath can’t be faring well.  Is this what you’d call natural blight, as opposed to the urban kind?

I didn’t take any pictures of the more distressed, populated, areas in view along the trail, but liked the signage on this old knitting mill.  Ghostly lettering on the side of the building indicates that the factory once produced hosiery:

Here’s another view of the river:

Although I didn’t get a photo, the highlight of the excursion was keeping pace with a slow-moving Norfolk Southern train.  We traveled side-by-side, trail and track, for a good distance.  What fun!

Back at the parking lot, there was a new installation — a copper water fountain:

The bowl at the bottom is for canines:

Arianna:  17.1 miles


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