On the Trail Again

As soon as I picked up Arianna from the bike shop, I put her on the back of the car, and returned to the trail.  I was determined to complete our previous, rather hobbled, ten-mile ride. I knew it would be a better experience now that Arianna had two functional pedals.

Done, and done.  I’m fast on Arianna, at least on level paths and mild inclines:  over 13 mph, no coasting involved.

No snickering, please.  In my world, that counts as “fast”.  (Just think what I could do with gears on a small, light bike.  Oh, yeah!)

Have I mentioned that Arianna’s model name is “week-end”?

“[W]eek-end” is in orange, just under the last two letters of her name on the frame loop:

She’s also, apparently, the “standard” version, judging from the seat stem:

It’s amazing how well Arianna’s foil decals have held up over the decades.  She’s 44 years old, and was about in the same shape she is now when I first bought her, used, decades ago.  (Which is to say, she could have been better cared-for, both before and after I acquired her, but passive neglect has not eroded any of her special charm.)

Arianna:  10 miles


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