Arianna Returns

My little folder has been returned to me with its pedal restored to full use.  The guys at the shop were able to re-thread the crank without having to tap it and use an insert, to everyone’s great relief.  She’s still got her original cranks and pedals.

I love Arianna’s original pedals —  they’re white rubber with yellow reflectors.  Rubber ages so much better than vinyl, and has greater resilience, too.  Arianna’s pedals need another good scrub, but they’ve still got almost all of their original texture.  They’re comfortable to use, and nice and grippy.

The fellows at the bike shop also ran a safety check on Arianna — that’s probably something I should have had a pro do before I began these adventures, considering my (considerable) level of ignorance of most things cycle.  Much to my great surprise and joy, one of the guys noticed that Arianna’s lights didn’t work — so he hooked them up. Whoo-hoo!

No pictures of the wonderful lights yet; I  need to rustle up some help, as the wheel must turn to make them shine.

For the first time in all the decades I’ve owned her, Arianna has working  lights, fore and aft!  It was thrilling to see those lights burning, and the generator set exactly the way it should be.

When the pedal disconnected, I took Arianna to the bike shop closest to the trail where she’d failed —  and it turned out to be a great choice.   Thanks, Exton Bicycles — what a treat to deal with people who care about my vintage wheels as much as I do!


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