Brass and Beautiful

I went to New York City’s Adeline Adeline partly because I was curious about the shop, but also because I wanted several accessories for Pegasus, and Adeline’s website seemed to offer just what I wanted.  First on the list was a bell.  Although I’d picked up the noisiest one I could find at REI, it was useless on the trails I ride, where oblivious walkers abound.  I needed something that would startle and surprise.  Something short of an air horn, but nearly as effective.

Adeline Adeline has a huge selection of bells, most of them whimsical, and all of them imbued with charm of various sorts. But this one is loud — and it has a marvelous, classic beauty.  Note the beautiful brass of the dome, and the lovely arc of the striker arm.  Two smart taps on the lever, and all but the most oblivious turn, curious to know what’s behind them.  Did I mention that it sounds just like an old-time ice cream vendor’s bell?  It does!  The end result is that pedestrians not only hear the bell, but are amused, too.  And doesn’t it look beautiful on Pegasus’s handlebars?

(Screws were provided, but they were too short for Pegasus, so I picked up longer, brass, ones at the hardware store, and that did the trick.)


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