In New York City last month, I spotted this bike under the High Line:

It’s a Tonino Lamborghini Leggenda in brilliant orange. What caught my eye wasn’t the name or the frame, but this:

It’s a second saddle, for the little guy who was tagging along with dad. (You can see that two helmets are locked up in the middle of the bike’s frame). I’m not sure where the boy puts his feet while dad is cycling, but, if you look closely, you’ll see that there’s a plastic tube modded onto the stem as grips for the small hitchhiker.

Dad’s also added a coordinated plastic crate — large and light — for cargo. If you look closely at the top image, you’ll see that he’s also used dense foam to pad the handlebars where the little guy might hit in an accident or during a fast stop. Interesting, thoughtful, mods. Gotta love the matching helmets, too, and the evident overall aesthetic flair.


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