Monthly Mileage

It hadn’t occurred to me to track my monthly mileage, but I think I will.  For one thing, I’m really curious to see how much I’ll be able to ride in colder months, and I’m wondering how the weather, as well as other time-related factors, affect my ability to ride.  Here’s the tally for the past few months, just to bring the record up to date:

June 2012: 110 miles

May 2012:  28.75 miles

April 2012: 153.18 miles

I’m really surprised that I rode this much in June.  It seemed as if every time I turned around in May and June, I was headed somewhere else, out of town, far from Pegasus.  A  couple of the rides in June were really short ones, owing to time constraints, but this record makes it obvious that, if I can just manage to get out on the road, even the shorter trips add up.

Virtually all of my trips now exceed twenty miles.  In fact, it no longer feels like much of a ride if the trip is shorter.  However, since I’m not fast, cycling twenty miles, plus, does take time, and sometimes that’s in short supply.


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