Battery Switch for my Hybrid Trike

Unlike those on  all other eMoto cycles, the on-off switch for pedal-assist on my trike is on the side of the battery, which is installed low on Pegasus’s frame.  That’s probably fine if you always ride with the battery on; however, I use power as little as possible. Because my arms are too short to reach the battery while on the cycle, I had to learn to tap the battery on or off with the heel of my shoe.  That worked pretty well, but once I got clipless pedals, this became especially inefficient, since it meant that turning power on and off required freeing my foot from the clip.  Anytime I pulled my foot loose to turn on the battery, I lost momentum — it just took too much time,  and dealing with the clipless pedals on the fly was a pain.

eMoto wasn’t very helpful; first they told me that the trike already had a dashboard switch (um, no), and then they told me that I could retrofit a switch, but I’d have to add a controller.  That sounded fine, but when my dealer discussed it with them, an eMoto technician said that the eMoto controller wouldn’t work on the trike, because it would allow the trike to go too fast.  (Moral:  talk to the tech guys, not the sales guys.)

In the end, the clever guys at my local shop brainstormed, and came up with something much simpler — and figured out the perfect place to mount it.  That’s the toggle switch they installed, above, and here’s where they put it:

It’s installed through an existing hole in the frame that supports the front reflector, just below the handlebar.  The unreadable text in the image is is just below the reflector and its frame, on which the switch sits.  Not only was this the perfect choice in terms of ergonomics, but  reaching over and using the switch takes only seconds. The toggle is protected by the handlebars, above, and the reflector, below; consequently, it’s not likely to be incidentally damaged while transporting or using the trike.

The mechanical switch was a great choice; it’s probably a bit trickier to use an electronic touch-button like the ones that are original on other eMoto models, since they require pressure.  Oh, and there’s one more neat thing about the switch:  It’s textured, which means that sweaty fingers don’t slip on the surface.  Whoo-hoo!

Pegasus’s new switch lets me use the motor only when I need it.  Flipping the switch on and off couldn’t be faster or easier; I lose no momentum, and no longer have to think about the process.  After two runs (50-plus miles total), using it is second nature.

Since my ultimate goal is greater fitness, this means that I’m able to test, and increase, my stamina while I’m cycling.  Having the freedom to use pedal-assist only when it’s absolutely necessary maximizes the value of my cycling experience by letting me use my body to power my tricycle, for every moment that is possible. Thanks, Hybrid Cycles, for being willing to take on the challenge, and for seeing it through!

FTC disclaimer:  I happily paid for the switch and the R&D to develop it. I’m an ordinary customer of Hybrid Cycles, and receive no compensation for what I write on my blog.


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