New York Trike

Look what I spied on a quiet street in New York (UES, I think):

It’s a predecessor of my Pegasus; a Worksman trike.  And it’s a folder!

The head badge is just a decal, but it seems to have withstood the test of time (or at least use) with no difficulty:

“Worksman Cycles” “Ozone Park, NY” “Since 1898”

The lever for adjusting the handlebar height  is nearly identical to the ones on wonderful little late-1960s folder I own:

This tricycle is a one-speed, of course, but that’s obviously been just fine, for many years.  The basket’s a Wald, and though it’s a bit warped, it’s clearly doing the job, too.  It’s sitting on a very sturdy platform.

I was really annoyed by the presence of these trash bags, but I guess you gotta have trash collection, especially in the city.  Anyway, here’s the trash bag shot, since it shows the shape of the tricycle’s handlebars best:

Love this vehicle!

Worksman is still making tricycles, and  they’re still making a tricycle folder, too, called the Port-O-Trike, though it’s not currently available in this wonderful chrome yellow.  (It is sold in three other fine colors, though.) The Worksman factory is still in Ozone Park, and, interestingly, Worksman still manufactures their cycles in the United States — a claim that few cycle companies can match.


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