Mileage Report 13

Rain was expected today, so I had planned to do my errands by car.  This morning, though, the forecast looked quite different, so I decided to take Pegasus instead.  I picked up a prescription at the vet’s; a package that had been left in town; bought a large roll of tracing paper at the stationer’s; and picked up some groceries for the weekend.

The trail was still wet this morning, from last night’s storm, and there were small bits of debris all over the the asphalt, including small twigs.

Today was as hot as it gets around here — 96 degrees.  When the temperature is that high, I can’t walk, no matter how much water I consume.  But, thanks to pedal-assist, I can cycle.  A helmet with good air flow helps, along with ducking into air-conditioning now and then.  But pedal-assist let me keep moving, and that helped keep the temperature bearable as I rode.

Last year, when I first stated riding my trike, I’d come back from a five or six mile ride, on a 70 degree day, feeling as if I were going to drop dead at any moment.  I loved the rides, but the aftermath wasn’t pretty.  What a difference a year makes!

Here’s Pegasus at the market before I loaded up with groceries:

The wonderful people at the vet’s office gave me an ice pack to keep the meds from spoiling.  Tucked inside an insulated tote, it worked perfectly.

24.17 miles, winds about 10 mph, 96 degrees, mixed suburban, city, some paved trail.

Total recorded mileage for season: 294.81


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