Mileage Report 10

I prefer to avoid road-riding on weekends;  too many distracted drivers around with too-vague travel plans.  “Sunday drivers” bother me, whether I’m in a car or on a cycle.  After a month of almost no cycling, though, I really wanted to get out once more before the week began, so I hit a local trail once more, last Sunday.

Sadly, this section of trail is only four miles long, so I looped it twice.  Riding a short length of trail over and over feels a whole lot like running inside a gerbil wheel, but, hey, I got me some cycling time, so I’m not complaining.  Much.

Route 202, a major highway, parallels the trail here, but you’d hardly know it. You can just barely see signs of the highway at the top of the image; it’s under construction here.

16.30 miles, 8 mph wind, 71 degrees, paved trail

Total recorded mileage for season:  212.13


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