Mileage Report 9

The consequences of an over-scheduled May persist, but I managed to squeeze one more short ride under a threatening sky.  A small plane was in the air, trailing an advert banner, and, perhaps unwittingly, illustrating the wisdom of printing the ad on both sides.  The text was reversed when viewed from the trail, rendering it unreadable::

This section of the Chester Valley Trail crosses Route 29 and continues past a Target store, where it peters off into a parking lot, if the “Trail Ends” signs are set aside, that is, as they were today:

There’s a Wegman’s across from the Target, which might make this a convenient point to knock off a few errands.  For those who would really prefer to cycle, though, life will be better once the trail is completed.

11.02 miles, slight wind, 68 degrees, paved trail

Total recorded mileage for season:  196.0 (creeping ever-so-slowly toward 200)


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