Mileage Report 7

Short one today; it’s been a rainy week, and it’s threatening to do it again today.  Stopped by the West Chester Grower’s Market, picked up a few goodies, and had a great conversation about the trike with a very nice fellow.

There’s been just enough rain to encourage greenery everywhere.  Love the tendrils on this shale:

Is that actually shale?  I need to brush up on my earth vocabulary.  Pennsylvania lies on a fantastic, iridescent, crust:

Sure, you can see it from the turnpike, but seeing it from a cycle is a whole different experience.

Saw a redwinged blackbird today, which settled just feet from me.  The sight would have made a fine photo, but I was sure that pulling my camera out of the bag would have interfered with his moment on the branch, so I restrained myself, and settled for the memory.

Today’s big news:  Rode 4 miles along a  problematic stretch without using pedal assist for the first time.  Whoo-hoo!  I’m getting stronger.

18.28 miles, winds more or less 7 MPH, 70 or so degrees, suburban rural, with a few blocks in town

Total recorded mileage for season:  174.46


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