Mileage Report 6

This trip was not a lot longer than my previous longest ride, but it was the most strenuous yet.  Apparently, when I so-carefully checked the route for hazards and accuracy, I failed to notice the elevations.  Something to keep in mind next time.

The county I live in is quite affluent, so it’s common to see large lots that have been cleared, and then landscaped like mad to make them look “natural”.   It’s that much sweeter, then, to run across a body of water that’s more or less left to itself.

That apparent affluence seems to spawn some surprising dreams.  In an unpromising section of West Chester, the county seat, I spied this development:

It’s a grim block of large townhouses/flats/apartments, available “from the upper 260s”.  That’s $260,000.00, folks.  They’re located in an area of warehouses and light industry — none of it charming.  Here’s the view directly across the street from those shared balconies:

The illustration on the builder’s website shows a broad band of green grass where this unkempt building actually resides.  On the other side of the pricey, pricey flats is a one-story development that looks like cinder block subsidized housing, so there’s no relief there, either.  In back?  A chain link fence and  . . . well, it’s hard to say what, but it ain’t pretty.

That was kind of sad, but here’s a porch on a small street in a better part of the “other” side of West Chester:

This brightly-painted little porch resembles those all over Saint- Pierre,  a small island off Newfoundland.  Unlike many of those in Saint-Pierre, this one is not removable, but otherwise it would look right at home among the colorful domiciles of the island.

36.21 miles, winds 9 MPH, mid-50s, substantial (for me) inclines, suburban/rural with little in-town

Total mileage for season:  156.18


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