Padded Shorts

Even when I started taking longer rides, I had a little trouble taking myself seriously.  (Hey, I know I’m not Lance Armstrong!)  When I was riding on a cushy recreational saddle, it never occurred to me to consider wearing bike shorts.  But, then, it never occurred to me that longer cycling runs might require a better cycle seat, either.  I was just wearing whatever athletic wear I had around.

The new saddle changed my mind.  It was quite comfortable, but, like most inexpensive models, didn’t have any gel padding.  I’d  need to wear that.  I picked up a pair of these EMS Shadow bike shorts:

I bought them on closeout; I don’t know whether EMS is discontinuing them or simply changing the design a little bit, but they are what I wear now.  They’ve got a nylon/spandex shell that’s light and comfortable, yet looks like something you might wear, say, to pick up groceries, which is what I do sometimes, wearing them.  They’re a lot more “townie” than skintight spandex.

The padded liner is made of wicking fabric, and it snaps out.  I like that, because sometimes I make my exercise wear, and I’ll be making a couple of skirts for summer.  This liner will snap right into whatever I make, and I’ll be good to go.

The waist has adjustable tabs (never a bad idea), and the fly closes with a zipper and a snap.  There’s a zipper pocket on each leg; I keep my phone in one, and my ID in the other (though I also have my name and emergency contact information in my helmet, too).


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