Do You Know What This Is?

It’s not a hat.  Not properly speaking, anyway.

It’s a cycling helmet.  Really. (I think I want one.)

It’s made by a Danish company called Yakkay.  The business part of the helmet is hidden under the fashionable topper.  This one’s called “Tokyo New Jazz”.

Maybe this oilskin number is more your speed (it’s called “Paris Black”) (Oilskin may be a bit more on-trend in other parts of the world than the USA.  Australia, for example):

What if you want to wear one style one day, and another on a different day?  Oh, that’s so easy!  You just buy as many covers as you want, and pop a different one onto the helmet base.  Maybe, for instance, this faux fur one (“Luzern White”):

OK, maybe not that one.  But, fashionistas, isn’t this a cool idea?

Here’s what the under-helmet looks like (those are sleek stainless steel fittings on the strap):

(They’re not cheap, but if dorkitude is something that concerns you while cycling, perhaps this is the answer to keeping your noggin safe.)

There’s a store locator on the website, and lots of places to check them out in the west, but, for the benefit of our  northeastern sisters, here are a retail outlets claiming to stock Yakkay helmets and covers:

147 Reade Street
New York,  NY 10013

T: 888-9X0-BIKE or 888-996-2453

4 Dove Lane
Andover, MA 01810

Green Pedals
105 B Annapolis Street,
Annapolis, Maryland  21401

The Daily Rider
1108 H Street Northeast
Washington, DC 20002

T: 202 603 5032

It looks as if there may be worldwide ordering from the website, but I’ll leave that for others to investigate.  I’m going to snoop around and see what I can find in person.


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