Mileage Report 3

The focus of today’s ride was alleys — dozens of small, nearly-hidden alleys that aren’t easy to spot by car.  Most looked much like this one, which is to say, rather plain, but surprisingly bucolic, considering the proximity to downtown:

But there were surprises everywhere.  A splash of color(s), in this case:

And a most unusual tiny building, in this case:

It’s apparently a library, as the inscription (“bibliotheca”), and the media in the window, suggest:

The full inscription reads “Bibliotheca Rubi Hortus”, which translates, literally, to “library bush garden” or “library pleasure garden”.  Probably the latter, I’d guess.  Someone really put a lot of love into creating this small world.

Favorite quote of the day:  The guy who said “You’ve got one baaad machine there!”  Oh, yeah!

30.07 miles; winds 13-16 MPH; high 70s; mixed suburban/country/town

Total for season:  73.04 miles


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