That Orange Bag on the Back

My trike has a huge cargo basket.  I’ve used it to haul parts, lumber and tools home from the hardware store, and to do my weekly grocery shopping.

The metal frame collapses flat, but that’s never been worth the trouble, since I don’t really think it’s costing me hugely in terms of wind resistance.  (I’m probably not traveling fast enough.)  That orange bag lining the basket is a different matter, though.  I made it because I wanted to be able to toss smaller groceries directly into the cargo area, and so that I’d have a place to store my bike lock without having to attach it to the frame while riding.

The liner is made of lightweight but sturdy ripstop nylon, and it’s fabulous for keeping me maximally visible; I like that part.  But it acts like a sail, and by that, I don’t mean that it helps me fly along.  In a good wind, it’s a drag.  Literally.  So I added snaps to the upper edge, and now can drop it to the bottom of the basket when I’m not transporting goods.   That gives me the best of both worlds — cargo capacity when I want it, and decent air flow when I’m not toting anything of significance.


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