This is a Horrible Seat

OK, it really isn’t.  It’s actually a great seat  if you’re only riding  five or six miles a day:

It’s the stock seat that comes with my trike.  I couldn’t believe the difference when I impulsively stopped in at bike shop and came out with this one:

I was on the road and not comfortable.  Best impulsive purchase I’ve ever made.

The new seat is a Body Geometry Milano, made by Specialized.  The website says it’s made

[W]ith generous padding in a more performance-oriented profile, this is a perfect perch for moderate fitness rides or just a casual cruise on the bike path.

It’s not a high-performance saddle, but it made a huge difference to me.  I had no idea how hard my legs were fighting my traditionally-shaped saddle.

I had realized that I was constantly falling off of it; but hadn’t really gotten around to wondering why.

That particular mystery was cleared up when the guy who sold me this one used a weird little tool — a lot like the device used to measure feet for shoes, except that it measures backsides for saddles — to figure out which size I needed.  Compared to my backside, the stock seat was enormous.

Lessons learned:  Choose your equipment based on how you actually use a cycle; ask if something’s not quite right; don’t assume that stock fittings are necessarily the only answer.

Also:  Don’t assume, just because you ride a trike, that the broader cycling world doesn’t have anything to add to your experience.  (Whew.  That was a whole lotta learnin’ for forty bucks!)


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