Leelanau Trail

Last fall, after leaving Ann Arbor, my trike and I took on the Leelanau Trail, outside of Traverse City.  On the way to the trail:

The Leelanau Trail is part of the TART (Traverse Area Recreation and Transportation) system.  The Leelanau segment wasn’t fully paved when I was there last October, but I see from the website that it should be finished in July, 2012.

You’re never far from civilization (and cross traffic, as you can see from the photo below)) on this stretch of the trail, but it’s so beautiful, it hardly matters.

My trike and I don’t do unpaved trails.  There’s a good reason not to, right now, while it’s still new, since riding off-road would void the warranty.  I probably will never ride it on trails, though, since I suspect that its weight would make pulling it on an unpaved surface fairly unrewarding.  It glides along on pavement; that’s good enough for me.

I rode over fifteen miles on this trip.  It was the first long one, outside of a city, that  I’d attempted once the trike was up and running.  The trail wasn’t long enough from where I started north of Traverse City, so I made up the mileage in town, riding along the bay and beyond.

If there were a heaven, Northern Michigan would probably be it.


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