Ann Arbor, Fall 2011

First, a little history.  My trike experienced some birthing pains, which were mostly resolved before I took it to Ann Arbor, Michigan, last October.  Here it is in Kerrytown.  (I’m inside getting a breakfast coffee at Sweetwater’s.)

I rode all over Ann Arbor with no problems at all . . . until, while climbing a hill at 10 MPH, one of my fenders fell over, twisted itself into a rear tire, and threw the trike to a halt.

Coulda been nasty . . . I wasn’t thrown, probably because I was going uphill, and slowly.  I was able to hobble to the side of the road.

I re-bent the fender enough to ride on, and made it back downtown to the Campus Student Bike Shop on Maynard, where the proprietor showed me to a basket of tools and let me have at it.  I got the fender straightened out, tightened every nut I could find, and finished the trip with one ugly, but functional, fender.

Lessons learned:

  1. Bike shops rock!
  2. Don’t trust your mechanic — my trike had just come out of the shop, theoretically completely tuned and road-worthy, fenders included.

When I got home after two weeks of travel, my home bike shop apologized profusely, got me a new fender by cannibalizing a trike they had in the shop, and put me back on the road, all better, with every nut just as tight as it should be.  (They got a new mechanic, too.)

My dealer’s website is horrible, but they are great.  They’ve seen my trike through its initial difficulties, and have made sure it runs right, with grace and consideration.   Call them, if you can’t deal with the website.  They’re good guys.


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